Jim Peake – Addiction Treatment Consultant

The only thing that matters are results. Getting to the truth fast and cutting through red tape, as well as endless excuses or objections. Also, finding out how the project can move forward to completion and close with mutually beneficial desired results and expectations.  You can find more information about Jim on his Linked In profile.  Jim’s current focus is in addiction treatment.

Deep Roots in Addiction Treatment

Jim’s focus is the following areas of addiction treatment:

  • SEO Marketing and Lead Generation – Addiction-Rep
  • Drug Rehab Mergers and Acquisitions and Assisted Living Centers – Addiction-Rep
  • Enterprise Software Development for Addiction EMR
  • Medical Device Manufacturing for Opiate and Opioid Withdrawals with The Bridge Device

Addiction Treatment SEO Marketing and Lead Generation

Jim has been a leader in the addiction treatment space since 2008 with Addiction-Rep.  His core business is SEO Marketing coupled with Social Media and PPC lead generation for the addiction treatment centers.  The reason Jim believes SEO is the strongest form of marketing is twofold:

  • SEO content and asset development is the gift that keeps on giving
  • SEO is the best ROI for addiction treatment centers

If we create digital assets (high quality blog posts, videos, e-books, white papers etc.) today they help generate website traffic today as well as years into the future.  Pay for the digital asset once and it will keep giving you website visits which will turn into phone calls and admits.

Drug Rehab Mergers and Acquisitions and Assisted Living Centers

Jim has been advising and consulting investors and addiction treatment centers since 2015 under the Addiction-Rep banner.

The addiction treatment space has been changing consistently over the past 10 years.  As of 2015 a lot of new money has come into the addiction sector.  With the new money coming in it has increased pressure and driven up pricing for customer acquisition for the drug rehabs.  We have been approached by both drug rehabs who want to sell or need investment as well as investors who want to get into the rehab space.  We provide finders services for both investors and rehabs who want to sell their businesses.  There is a lot of crossover with assisted living because many assisted living owners now want to move into the addiction treatment space.  We also help assisted living companies acquire other ALS and ALS who want to sell their businesses.

Enterprise Software Development for Addiction EMR

Jim is an owner in Terra Health Solutions which is a new provider of Intelligent Enterprise Addiction EMR Software.  Most, if not all addiction EMR platforms are nothing more than electronic filing cabinets.

The EMR product is called TerraIntake, it is a niche product focused on the small market of drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. TerraIntake is solution for treatment centers that provides a scalable and customizable database with intelligence for the rehabs to track their patient activity from intake to discharge.

The ability to take and record notes during the treatment process is critical for documentation as far as insurance companies are concerned when they ask for back-up of the treatment process. This creates a competitive advantage for the rehabs because they have a much higher likelihood of being reimbursed for their services. Intelligence is built into the system so that each medical professional along the way will be able to order and record the proper notes at the right time of service.

Launch of TerraIntake is scheduled for Fall 2018.  Call 781-222-0000 for more information.

Medical Device Manufacturing – The Bridge Device for Opiate and Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

Jim is a consultant with Innovative Health Solutions who manufacturers a medical device called The Bridge Device which relieves symptoms for addicts who are withdrawing from opiate and opioids.  The Bridge Device helps people who don’t want to go through detox and all the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, shakes, anxiety, pain, flu like symptoms and more.

The Bridge Device is FDA cleared and probably the biggest breakthrough in addiction treatment in a dozen years.  The Bridge Device is a device that really gives rapid opiate detox a run for its money since it works literally in 10 minutes after it is affixed to the patient.

Fill out the form on The Bridge Device website to get more information.