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The Marketing Team for your Rehab Treatment Center

At America in Rehab, we are Drug Rehab Consultants and our goal is in helping individuals facing addiction to get their lives back.

The opioid epidemic in the United States is of the worst drug issues the world has seen, with an estimated 800 people dying each week due to opioid-related overdoses. That’s 424,000 people every year.

It’s been estimated that this number will continue to increase before we see trends in decreasing. The effect of this epidemic takes a toll on so many aspects of the country including national security due to drug trafficking, the economy, and certainly not least of which is the suffering felt by individuals and families who deal with the fallout first-hand.

Treatment centers for drug rehab are important now more than ever. And if you have a drug rehab facility, you need drug rehab leads to keep it functioning, and to continue serving the individuals and families you are making a difference for.

What’s Involved in Treatment Center Marketing?

In its most basic definition, marketing is the process of promoting and selling your products or services. It can seem from this definition that marketing is marketing no matter what the industry.

But in order to properly market your services well, it needs to be specific to your industry, which is why America in Rehab specializes specifically in treatment center marketing.

Our process involves getting an in-depth understanding of your treatment center and the patients you serve through your rehab speciality. This is an incredibly important step as it’s what allows us to know who the marketing is being designed for.

Then, we make a strategic plan for your treatment center based on what you already have, your marketing budget, and what goals you’re trying to meet.

Treatment Center Marketing Specializations

Our marketing teams have employees that specialize in multiple categories of marketing including website design, SEO strategy, paid-ad digital marketing, video marketing, and print marketing. We have everything you need from top to bottom to make sure you have a strategic plan to suit your needs.

Throughout our strategic processes we keep a clear picture in our minds of your potential patient and other stakeholders involved in your treatment center. This way, we know we’re creating content and messages that convert to sales, as opposed to just looking nice for your peers.

It’s All About Tracking

What makes our Drug Rehab Consultant strategies so effective is what we call “right tracking” which means we use tools to discover how you’re finding leads and which leads are converting to patients at your treatment center.

This way, we can assess whether our strategy is getting you the patients you seek to serve, or if we need to alter our strategy to meet your goals differently.

We love to educate you about what we do so that you can be confident in our services and confident that you have a marketing team on your side who is genuinely expressing the quality of your service. Call us today.

Drug Rehab Consultant
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