Google Wants Content

If Google wants content then we better give them content.  By content I mean text, video, audio and images.  Google always wants more high quality content and so do your readers.  The better the content the more naturally you will attract readers and the more naturally other people will link to you.  Writing great quality content attracts readers and incoming links.  This is absolutely the key to success on the Internet.

Obviously it is a bit more complicated than this, but if you only provided great content on your web site like Huffington Post or Yahoo, you would see a lot more visitors.  So what is the best way to attract quality visitors?  First, we have to niche the subject matter on the web site.  For example: if you are in the furniture business what “kind” of furniture do you sell?  Is it unfinished, contemporary, office, antique or minimalistic?

Let’s say you are an office furniture store in Boston.  You want to attract businesses to your web site so you want to write articles (website content) that people are searching on with the following subject lines or keyword phrases:

  • home office furniture
  • modular office furniture
  • office furniture systems
  • etc.

Next you want to include your geotarget in the articles and subject lines like “office furniture systems in Boston”.  What will happen is you are providing content to the website that people are actually searching on specific keyword phrases and if you have a large enough body of similar content you will be found on Google.

Okay, so where is this article going?  I’m in the furniture business and not in the writing business.  I need to hire people to write this however, I’m not sure where to go.  This is where an Internet Marketing Consultant or website consultant can assist you. At SpeechRep Media, Inc., we have a stable of article writers, who can provide a whole host of services.  Some articles can run $20 each for a 500 word article and others can run as high as a $1.00 per word.  If we do not have the article writer in house, we could always go out to and hire one for you or you could hire one yourself from