Youtube Pre-Roll Ads also known as Instream Ads are those little ads that play before you watch your video you just clicked on. While they are a big turn off to 15% + of the users they are also a curiosity factor for many and sometimes that curiosity turns into a customer. Because of this, this is why you are seeing so many of these little :15 and :30 second ads, they work! They really are just another form of PPC however, they are grabbing different inventory that the typical Google Search and Content Networks. These ads are in front of Youtube ads. What makes them enormously successful is that they can be targeted to a user, who searched on something yesterday like an Orthodontist in Boston. So if a day or two later I am playing another video on Yahoo or some other platform this Instream Ad will play in that video.

It is also easy to set these video ads up and start distributing them. Costs are billed out on a CPM basis where we know for sure you will get at least a 1% click through rate and as high as a 1.8% click through rate. So if you know how many conversions you get on your site per 1,000 visitors you can easily do the math to see if it is worth testing. Call Jim Peake 941-787-3082 if you have questions or want a price to test this.

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