Content Syndication

We are firm believers in creating and writing quality content and then syndicating the content. What we mean by this is the electronic distribution of the content.  Let’s talk about article syndication first.

Article syndication affords us the possibility to write an article once and distribute it on many different article directories.  Do a search for article directories and you will find half a dozen article directories to post your articles to.  Make sure that they do not have NF tags.  This means “NO FOLLOW”, which is Googlespeak meaning no link juice. You want to be able to add your links in your article and have the anchor text link back to your website.  This is a very big deal.  The cool thing is you can put three links in an article and link back to your web site with the proper anchor text.

def. The anchor text, link label or link title is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. The words contained in the anchor text can determine the ranking that the page will receive by search engines.

Video Syndication Services and Consulting

Video is similar to article syndication however, the linking component is a bit different.  Once we create a video we can use video syndication services like or to distribute the videos to different video directory sites.  These two are syndicators to the video directories.

The value of video is much greater than articles.  If you are able to get your video thumbnails in the Google search results pages you stand to get a much better click through then a simple text link and you stand to get a better response from a video than an article.  People process video much faster than text.

The key to successful video syndication is to tag the videos with the proper keywords (which means you have to do keyword research and put the proper keyword in the videos themselves) and secondly keep adding more videos on a regular basis.   Third you also want to make sure that your video has quality content, is viewed often and is commented on often. The more activity on the video, the better results you will have.

If you are looking for a quick and effective way to distribute video, I would distribute them on Facebook Fan pages and on YouTube.  If you want to make it really easy, create a Facebook Video Channel and pull in all of your videos from YouTube. Then every time you upload to YouTube, you are uploading to Facebook as well.  Basically if you do this you are “syndicating” your video to close to a billion potential visitors by doing this.

The links in videos are a little bit different than articles. You can put a link in your video profile and point it back to your website.  You can also put links in the video’s themselves however, the user will have to write them down just as they would an 800# to get the web site or a call center.

In my experience videos that have more comments, likes and more inbound links tend to show up in the Google Web search results pages more frequently. However, there does not seem to be as consistent SERP results with video, as there is with articles.

If you do a search on Google for Lady Gaga, you will see a video result for “Poker Face”, which has a PR7 Rank and some serious links coming into the video.  This is why she can easily rank for her videos on the Web results pages because of the activity on the video and popularity of others linking to the video.



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