Many of the really good business and small business experts will tell you that list building is one of the most important things any business can do.  List building is important because it can give you leverage to contact your clients and inform them.  By informing your clients you also have the opportunity to remind them and to sell them your products and services.

E-Mail Marketing is affordable and easy.  There are several providers who can assist you in sending out e-mail’s to your list cost effectively, AWeber, Constant Contact and my personal favorite Infusionsoft to name a few.  Don’t have a list?  Call SpeechRep Media 941-787-3082 and we will help you compile and build a list.  Did you know that you can rent a traditional direct mail list and drive users online and capture their e-mail by offering them incentives like free e-books and freemiums?  Going offline to find your audience is probably not used as often by your competition.

Creating professional looking e-mails is easy.  Many of the e-mail marketing services have a variety of templates that you can choose from that will fit your business.  You can also incorporate your identity and log in the e-mail’s.  Adding test and images is super easy with the e-mail templates that are available.

E-mail marketing is getting social.  I incorporate in all my e-mail’s a link to my blog as well as my social media ID’s from Twitter and Facebook.  The nice thing about doing this is it is just another way for your audience to easily find you and communicate with you.

E-mail marketing is trackable.  Having the ability to track things like open rates, clicks, form fills, subject lines and much more can provide valuable insights to your clients preferences.  Better understanding your client preferences allows you to communicate more effectively which in turn should provide you with better results.

One of the things we are finding in PPC advertising is that we are seeing repeat visitors clicking on the same keywords in Google which can cost us $5-$85 per additional click.  Why not capture their e-mail the first time they come to the site so they don’t have to go back to Google and find you.  You have an opportunity to stay top of mind by reaching them in their inboxes.

One of the key’s to getting e-mail marketing right is to practice it and get good at it as it is one of the most important communication tools you can leverage.  Make sure that you select the right e-mail marketing provider since there is a bit of a learning curve, however once you learn it is easy to set up e-mail broadcasts and e-mail sequences.


The great thing about e-mail marketing it allows you to communicate with your clients and earn money while you sleep.  They request information then they get back an e-mail and are put into an autoresponder and a series of e-mail’s flow for the foreseeable future allowing you to develop that relationship with your client.



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