Keyword research is extremely strategic.  So strategic that businesses can thrive or fail on it.  The name of  the game here is to do your homework and find a keyword research professional who knows their salt.  Too often I come in cleaning up other people’s messes on previous project because they were ranking for keyphrases that never had any website traffic.


Keyword research is probably the most underrated skill any website consultant or digital strategy consultant can have in their arsenal.  As my friend David Bullock likes to say, “Jim we are living in a keyword economy.”  I can’t disagree with that statement.  If you were lucky enough to have your keyword in your brand name, like business machines and you are IBM chances are you will have a position on page one of the Google search results pages for business machines.  IBM has grown out of the old typewriter and PC markets however they still manufacture business computers or business.

Today users of the Internet type in more sophisticated keywords than business machines if they are looking for a supercomputer of a similar high end machine.  The point to this is if you can incorporate your keyphrase into your business name and then into your domain you are batting 1,000 %.  For example I have the domain and it ranks for the keyphrase direct response television advertising agency.  The same goes true for Boston Limo it ranks #1 for Boston Limo because it is the name of the business and the business name is in the domain name.  Matt Cutts of Google has said that they are going to ratchet down the value placed on keyword rich domains soon.

So it is important to have a body of content that is all related to the main topic for example Boston Limo, Boston Massachusetts Limo Service, Boston Limo Service etc.  The more you are able to add content that is keyword relevant to your business and use the actual language that people are searching on the better you stand in attracting buyers to your web site.  Visitors are nice but buyers are nicer.

Where can you do this keyword research?  Try one of my favorite web sites SEOBook and use their keyword research tool.  Start out with the “root” keyword like Boston Limo then look for the other keywords near it and use these keyphrases in your content.  There is more to it than just dropping a single keyword into an article.  You can find more training information on how to integrate with the keyword economy and the search engines by visiting this training page on

There is a big distinction in keyword value as well.  Keywords such as “rush messenger service” vs. “messenger service” is going to have a significant impact on conversions.  Another example would “drug treatment” vs. “drug treatment facility in Massachusetts.”  The “drug treatment facility in Massachusetts” keyphrase is more than likely a buying keyphrase, this is why we are now living in a keyword economy.



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