How much is a lead worth?  To some it can be $1.00 to others it can be $5,000.00 if it is qualified.  If we had to tell our prospects one core competency about SpeechRep Media it would be “lead generation.”  We bring companies and products to market and we use several different media outlets to do so.  We like the Internet a lot because of our ability to test and track easily.  The Internet provides a huge lead filter or a funnel that allow us to target the right audience cost effectively.

Once we have mastered the specific niche online we now have opportunities to move offline and test direct mail and television.  With online lead generation services you can pay for leads and follow through with them by having your sales team call them.  However, buying leads and generating your own leads are two different animals.

The best leads are leads that you and your business have generated on your own, since they should be much better targeted to your audience than paid leads which are generated to attract “everyone imaginable” in your niche.  If I were to take a client through a lead generation process for the first time I might want to have them evaluate PPC first.  And I would more than likely have them use Facebook before Google.

Why is PPC a great way to do lead generation?  Because we can learn a lot fast, we will know what works and what doesn’t work.  We can test different offers, different landing pages and most importantly different keyphrases.   Once we know what the actual buying keywords are we can then start a SEO campaign simultaneously and begin the build the body of content on the site that is in alignment with the PPC campaign.

There are so many way to attract users to your landing pages that after a while you will want to start testing different offers, different designs and different landing page copy, different ad copy.  In some cases we might call this LPO or landing page optimization.  Driving traffic to your site is undoubtedly expensive so we might as well maximize conversions or actions of the visitors we already have.

For many companies running simple A/B split tests will provide a lot of information on what is working and what is not working.  For the more sophisticated client we will want o deploy a multi-variate testing campaign.

In these interviews with Tim Ash who actually wrote the book on landing page optimization and James Kowalick, PhD I ask them questions about lead generation and multi-variate testing.  I bring in professionals who specialize in this area as it can be time consuming, complicated but very lucrative.


We also have services where you will furnish the names of the decision makers in your industry and we will set meetings with those decision makers who are at the director and VP levels in their organizations where you can go present your materials and close the sale.  Pricing depends on the industry and quantity.