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Arizona rehab facilities

Arizona rehab facilities

Out of the endless options for Arizona drug and alcohol rehabs, Royal Life Centers at Royal Life Detox tops other leading Arizona rehab facilities. Adults active in addiction tend to feel overwhelmed and out of place upon entering treatment programs.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone takes courage, strength, and an open mind. Starting a new life isn't a lonely road with our addiction specialists and therapists.

Five Examples Why Clients Prefer Our Addiction Treatment in AZ

Rehabilitation centers in Arizona are a dime a dozen, and most offer the same primary services. At Royal Life Centers at Royal Life Detox, we present several attractive features and programs that draw clients to our addiction treatment center in Arizona. Please review the compiled examples of why clients choose Royal Life over similar Arizona drug and alcohol rehabs.

  1. Adventure Therapy – Royal Life Centers at Royal Life Detox offers adventure therapy treatments to introduce clients to trust-building skills and coping mechanisms. Clients choose between two types of adventure therapies; a rope course and kayaking sessions. Physical activities for clients add structure and wellness other rehabilitation programs tend to overlook. Adventure therapy aims to improve clients' self-image and physical health while also empowering them with confidence and safe stress relief outlets.
  2. Activity Therapy – Activity therapy at our facility stimulates emotional healing through creative outlets. Journaling, sculpting, and painting activities provide clients with an avenue for self-expression and development. Activity therapy options at Royal Life Centers at Royal Life Detox also include equine-assisted therapy, yoga, and music therapy sessions. Our addiction counselors plow healthy pathways clients can follow until they find their inner strength and voices.
  3. Mending Broken Hearts – Mending Broken Hearts is a certification program where Native Americans can confront trauma caused by their ancestors' forced assimilation into Western culture. Tribal members still feel the pain and suffering of ancestors from several generations before them. While Native American assimilation has ended, the harm it caused Tribal Members still feel fresh. The Mending Broken Hearts program addresses suppressed emotions caused by Native American culture's loss.
  4. Case Management – Most Arizona drug rehab facilities offer case management services to clients, but our addiction treatment center goes above and beyond typical management abilities. Case managers working with our program assist clients with legal and social issues to prevent relapse and smooth clients' transitions into sobriety. Case management services also create aftercare programs and long-term sobriety goals to maximize each clients' success.
  5. Group Therapy – It isn't uncommon for newly sober adults to shy away from group therapy sessions. However, group therapy provides people with a sense of community and fellowship. Seeing other people in similar situations as yourself can give you new insight into your future journey at Royal Life Centers at Royal Life Detox.

Begin Your Recovery Journey Today

If you are ready to get the help you deserve, please reach out to our addiction specialists at Royal Life Centers at Royal Life Detox. Please dial 1-877-732-6837 to discuss our facility's available treatments that can change your life. The journey to tomorrow begins today.

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Arizona rehab facilities
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Arizona rehab facilities Arizona rehab facilities Arizona rehab facilities Arizona rehab facilities
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