Draper Rehab

Draper Rehab

The first barrier to getting into rehab is breaking down the wall of denial that you need help. What happens after you make the choice that you or a loved one should go to rehab? The second barrier is figuring out how you will journey or transport your loved one to the facility.

You have a long way and are so near to recovery that you should not let transportation stop you from getting a completely new life. There are too many options for you to get Draper rehab, such as using public transportation or asking a friend to ferry you. We can promise you that there are people who will always help you get there or services that offer transportation.

What happens one lacks transportation?

Transportation is the main barrier for a lot of people who need outpatient treatment. Generally, people who suffer substance abuse are more likely to miss treatment because addiction will always trickle down to financial problems or loss of their driving license.

Transportation assistance brings along a lot of different costs and resources, so it is essential to make sure you have the right one. Here are a few tips to make your transportation effective and easy.

Tips for organizing your transportation to the Draper rehab

Consider the location

Experts say it is essential to consider the home's location to have an easy and efficient means. Annie's House is a conveniently accessible area, so it should be easy to find your way to our space. Looking at the exact location will let you know whether you can get a friend you all the way here or if you can afford a taxi or carpool with other patients in your area.

Choose a facility with transportation.

Some facilities have a trained staff that transports patients to and from their inpatient and outpatient treatment locations. Each staff member has thorough training on handling patients and the experience to handle all kinds of situations. We take our service seriously and will do everything it takes to interact with you compassionately and professionally.

Communicate with the center

Some of our patients live very far and have to take short flights to get here. It is always better when they inquire about airport pickup services and update us with all the schedules and information to organize your transportation.  We will organize the transportation to match every slight change, such as flight delays, cancellations, and other logistical changes.

Reduce complications

There are many risks when you decide to transport yourself to our rehab if you suffer mental, physical, and emotional complications. We want you to know that there is no need for you to risk an accident or other issues simply because you have to get to us to meet the admission’s deadlines. Consider speaking with us so we can help you brainstorm other alternatives for you to get here.

Additionally, contact us online to book a consultation on other rehab services and call 385-255-9117 for more information.

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