Gaming Influencer Marketing

Gaming Influencer Marketing

Gaming is on track to be a 300 billion dollar industry by 2025. To ensure your product is in the hands of customers, contact us at Clout Boost. We use our insight into gaming influencer marketing to get your product in the hands of the right people.

Growth in the gaming industry

Video games grow at an exponential rate every year. Video game revenue jumped by 18% in 2018 alone. With the boom the industry has every year, there is money to be made if you are getting your products into the right hands that can show them off. If you are not utilizing those tips, you aren’t maximizing your revenue to its fullest potential.

Mobile games continue to inch up in how much of the market share they dominate. The growth in the mobile game industry is fueling the growth of the sector overall. Close to 40% of the industry’s revenue comes from mobile games. In the US, over 70% of their gaming participants do so from a mobile device.

How can you play video games?

You can play games in several different ways:

  • Mobile games - these are games that a user plays on their phone or mobile device by downloading an application to play the game
  • PC games - these types of video games played on the person’s computer by installing the game on the device
  • Console games - these are the kinds of games played from a video console such as an Xbox or Playstation device and are great for streaming online live-action games

While mobile games are growing in popularity, PC-based games still reign supreme in the gaming world. Some games work better on a PC or require more memory and digital specifics than a mobile device can provide. Also, some games you need a large screen to see a complete view of the action, and a computer screen or console can only offer that.

What are gaming influencers?

As with anything else, the gaming industry now has online influencers. These individuals show off certain games or provide extensive play-throughs on their social media channels. The size of their audience keeps growing, so brands game developers now want to get their products into their hands, to display it on their channels. Our gaming influencer marketing succeeds in accomplishing this objective.

Influencers are useful, as shown in so many other industries. Look at people like the Kardashians and Bravo celebrities. They are active ambassadors for the products they endorse. It makes sense that gaming is now taking advantage of this trend. Gamers can technically use any platform, but YouTube seems to be the platform they utilize more. The top gaming influencer, on YouTube, PewDiePie, has over 90 million subscribers to his channel. Other top gaming influencers on YouTube also have massive followings and, while not as large, they still gather millions of subscribers.

Don’t get left behind in the fast-growing industry. Contact the team at Clout Boost today and let us show you why we are the best at gaming influencer marketing.

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Gaming Influencer Marketing Gaming Influencer Marketing Gaming Influencer Marketing Gaming Influencer Marketing
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