Rehab Billing Services

Rehab Billing Services

Rehab billing services

No one sets up a rehabilitation center because they enjoy battling with the bureaucracies in the insurance industry. It’s the least favorite aspect of the business for many providers. However, they have to live with it since revenue inflow is crucial to the rehabilitation center’s progress. Because most practices cannot afford to set up a competent in-house finance department, your best bet for handling your rehab billing services is a trusted and reliable medical billing company.

How long do insurance reimbursements typically take?

The length of time reimbursements takes vary with insurance providers. On average, you can expect to receive your payment about 30 days from the day you forward your claim to the insurance company. Some insurance companies boast a turnaround time of two weeks. However, it would be best if you didn’t settle for any arrangement that would make your practice wait for more than 30 days before getting paid. Sometimes, your practice’s relationship with the insurance company can influence how fast they process payments. That is one of the reasons why you should work with a reputable rehab billing service company that can maintain a great relationship with insurance providers and ensure you get paid on time.

Can I bill my clients for the balance after insurance reimbursements?

Although the answer to this question may vary in some instances, the general rule is that you cannot bull your clients for the balance after insurance companies have paid you. You must live with whatever rate the insurance companies provide and write off the balance if any. The only fees you can collect from your clients are payments for services not covered by their insurance plan or balance from patients insured by a provider you’re not within their network.

While many mental health practitioners may find it difficult to accept this arrangement, you should know that insured clients are more likely to come back as repeat customers than those paying with cash. In that case, you may be compensated for accepting the lower reimbursement later on. The best you can do for your practice is to correctly fill all the necessary paperwork so that insurance companies do not have a genuine reason to underpay you for your services. Outsourcing to a billing company with vast experience in handling rehab billing services, therefore, becomes the way out.

Can I bill clients for more than one session per day?

Most insurance companies are fastidious about the one-session per day rule. And each session cannot last beyond a stipulated number of hours. However, you may be able to convince the insurer to relax the rule if the situation warrants. For example, if you have a counselor and psychologist in your rehab center and your client needs to have sessions with both of them. Whatever you do, ensure you obtain prior authorization to make the work of your rehab billing service provider easier.

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We are a professional medical billing company that provides complete medical billing and practice management to ensure optimal billing and reimbursement to providers nationwide. Whether your rehab center is just starting or you’ve been running for quite some time, we can help you improve your billing methods and revenue flow with our insurance billing for rehab service. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll be glad to discuss how you can make your business more profitable.


Rehab Billing Services
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Rehab Billing Services Rehab Billing Services Rehab Billing Services
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