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Rehab Facility in Riverside

Rehab Facility in Riverside

Two key factors determine the successful treatment of an alcohol and substance abuse disorder. The first is the willingness of the addict to get help, usually by admitting helplessness and defeat in trying to overcome the addiction. The second is the environment in which the help is discharged. Riverside drug rehab centers transcend ordinary standards by offering top-class recovery centers primed to help even the most hopeless user find sobriety. 

We believe receiving treatment in the right space increases chances of recovery. Though outpatient addiction treatment in Riverside, California, has its benefits, it is not ideal for long-term addicts. They require more intensive treatment, which is only achievable through a residential program. 

The Process 

Our priority is to help clients find recovery. We, however, strive to do so in the most comfortable way possible. Upon arrival at our Riverside CA alcohol treatment centers, the patient receives an assessment from a professional to establish their emotional and abuse history. The information lays the groundwork for their personalized treatment. The patient is prepared for the events that follow, including a medically supervised detox. Our facilities use whatever therapy modalities stir responsiveness in patients, including Cognitive-behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Therapy (RET), grief therapy, group, and family therapies. Pharmacotherapeutic regimens are prescribed as needed, as our program abides by evidence-based treatments only to improve outcomes. Support is offered throughout the program and continues after leaving the facility through partner outpatient mental health centers.

The facility

Our facility, by design, provides an aura of serenity and relaxation. Its expansive areas and luxury amenities resemble those of a place of wellness, recovery, and rejuvenation and not an institution.

Nutrition is often disregarded by those suffering from substance abuse. We put a particular emphasis on reintroducing scheduled eating. It restocks the energy reserves of the patients and empowers them to meet the requirements of the program. Special diets are available when required. 

To foster positive self-reflection, we have resident barber and salon services. They are available on schedule to help patients look their best during their stay. In addition, we have a fully equipped gym. We recommend exercise as part of recovery by gently introducing daily workouts as research has shown it prevents relapses.

An expansive outdoor lounge area is available for talking walks and meditating. The element of nature is essential in the treatment, and our green spaces are inviting for both individual reflection times and group sharing sessions. Meditation and yoga classes are taught to help support good mental health during and after the program.

We discourage all electronic devices during treatment. However, we appreciate the value of catching a game or a movie, the relaxation it brings, and the connection it establishes with the outside world. To this end, television streaming services are offered.  

As the top rehab centers in Riverside, medical services are available 24/7, with a resident doctor and nurse meeting our patients' needs. 

For accommodation, spacious shared bedrooms are provided. Housekeeping services are provided round the clock.

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Rehab Facility in Riverside

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Rehab Facility in Riverside Rehab Facility in Riverside Rehab Facility in Riverside Rehab Facility in Riverside
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