Sex Addiction Program Chicago

Sex Addiction Program Chicago

Addiction to sex stops you from focusing on anything other than sex. This kind of distraction can negatively impact your relationships and performance at work. In a society where sexuality is socially acceptable and often promoted, it can be difficult to know the difference between excessive and healthy sexuality. Unfortunately, this can mask sex addiction, preventing you from getting the help you need.

If you suspect you’re addicted to sex, our sex addiction program can help. At Off the Crooked Path, we can uncover the root cause of your addiction after a thorough evaluation and help you win the battle against sex addiction.

Sex Addiction Assessment

Without proper diagnosis and sex addiction treatment, sexual addiction can result in anxiety disorders, depression, and other addictive behaviors. If you suspect you're addicted to sex and wondering how to treat sex addiction, we can help. Our comprehensive sex addiction assessment comprises three packages checks for signs of a sex addict and can accurately determine whether you have addictive or non-addictive behavior.

  • Package One

This consists of three meetings that can either be face-to-face or virtual. Here, we utilize both online evaluations and our years of experience interviewing before giving our treatment recommendations on the final meeting. From there, we'll conduct one collaborative meeting with your treating therapist to share our recommendations for your sex addiction treatment programs.

  • Package Two

We combine option one in Package Two. Further, we offer support to your treatment therapist for 3 to 6 months on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This ensures our treatment recommendations are correctly implemented and provides an essential foundation for your long-term recovery.

  • Package Three

This package combines the first two options. In addition, we schedule in-person meetings with you and your therapist wherever you are and on an as-required basis to assess the progress, collaborate, and offer support.

Supportive Coaching Packages

Trust can be gone entirely for partners who discover sexual betrayal. If you're a partner of a sex addict, you may be experiencing deep emotional injury and trauma. At Off the Cooked Path, we know that sex addicts are good at hiding their addictive behaviors are scared stiff of being discovered. They not only keep the truth from others but also from themselves. That's why we reassure partners that they're not responsible for the sex addict's behaviors, nor are they the problem.

As a spouse to a sex addict, you require support too. At a time when you're feeling a roller coaster of emotions, from being depressed and hurt to feeling angry, confused, and scared, we're here to guide you and offer the help you need to find healing and yourself again.

We have supportive coaching packages for partners who’ve discovered sexual betrayal. Our range of options include:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Religious and spiritual abuse treatment
  • Groups and coaching
  • Virtual groups for partners and addicts
  • Sex addiction sober coaching
  • Couples intensives

Conquer Your Sex Addiction

Recovery from sex addiction begins with the courage to seek professional help. Even though addiction to sex can take a toll on your life, it’s treatable. If you’re battling compulsive sexual behavior, there's hope. At Off the Crooked Path, our top-of-the-line sex addiction program will help you rebuild your life and broken relationships. Schedule a consultation:

Sex Addiction Program Chicago
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Sex Addiction Program Chicago Sex Addiction Program Chicago Sex Addiction Program Chicago
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