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Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Learning about the signs of alcohol addiction can save the life of someone you care for deeply; you’ll find a wealth of free information online at Alcohol Services. Alcoholism is more difficult to diagnose compared with drug addiction because it is a socially-acceptable vice that is easily disguised. If you’re worried about a family member who is drinking to excess, spend time on our website becoming familiar with the signs of alcoholism and contact us if you need professional help with an intervention or when choosing a rehab for support.

5 Signs That You or Your Loved One Has Alcohol Addiction

1. Hiding alcohol containers is a tell-tale sign that the person drinking is embarrassed or in some way fearful that their drinking habits will be found out by others. If you’re hiding your drinking from others or commonly find bottles or cans hidden in the bottom of garbage bags or unusual places around your home, it’s time to consider recovery services.

2. Physical signs of alcoholism can be difficult to distinguish between being drunk on occasion. Slurred speech, poor coordination, confusion, and smelling like alcohol can be present in both cases, so it’s important that you don’t confuse a one-time occurrence with a genuine addiction. If you suspect someone you care about has an addiction to alcohol, it can help to spend more time observing their behavior before making a judgment.

3. Does someone in your family spend a lot of time drinking or recovering from being drunk? When occasional drinking starts to take over every area of life, it becomes apparent that professional intervention is needed. Symptoms of alcoholism may include spending less time with family & friends and more time alone indulging in drinking.

4. Some alcohol addiction signs are more difficult to notice on the surface, like strong cravings for alcohol or urges to drink. Spending as much time with an addict as possible will give you more insight into why they are drinking, how often they drink, and what occurs during and after bouts with drinking.

5. As with most addictions, over time, it takes more of the substance to experience the same effects; an addiction to alcohol may start with beer but turn into hard liquor over time because it’s not always possible to drink enough beer to get drunk quickly enough for an alcoholic. Early warning signs of alcohol abuse disorder include switching from low alcohol content drinks to high alcohol content beverages.

You’ll find a complete list of signs and symptoms of alcoholism online at Alcohol Services, along with many free resources to help you or your loved one get the help needed to recover from addiction. Along with your confidential telephone consultation, we’ll assist you in choosing the best treatment center in your neighborhood. Don’t wait to get help for alcohol abuse disorder- call our helpline at 844-454-5940 to speak with a recovery specialist right now. Read our addiction blog for informative and helpful content that will give you the courage and confidence to seek help for addiction today. Review the signs of alcohol addiction any time you visit our website.

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Signs of Alcohol Addiction Signs of Alcohol Addiction Signs of Alcohol Addiction Signs of Alcohol Addiction
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