As digital strategy consultants, we can’t even begin the discussion of digital strategy consulting without first talking about analytics reports.  The cool thing about digital is that everything is “trackable.”  Google Analytics is the default analytic package because it is comprehensive and it is free.  We know where the customer goes, where he doesn’t go, where they move their mouse when they leave the shopping cart, when they respond to different subject lines and any other simple or complex behaviors.  The key to all of this is the ability to find insights and then take action and adjust the campaigns to get an optimal result.

What excites digital strategy consultants and professionals in the Internet Marketing space is the ability to test cheaply with many different types of digital media and see what sticks. Do more of what works and less of what does not work.  What we can tell you from experience is that typically it is not just “one thing” that works amazing well, except for PPC.  I heard a rumor that someone said to Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google that Google was a one trick pony with Pay Per Click advertising or Google Adwords. His reply was, “It’s a hell of a trick.”  He was right and still is right.

The problem is that Adwords and PPC can get very expensive very quickly.  So from a digital strategy standpoint, we want to look at other ways of getting our messages out to our niche audiences.  We can use things like e-mail, blogs, SEO, PPC, social media, video, white papers, public relations, content syndication, display advertising and much more.  The question becomes, “Which do we choose first”?  The problem is the answer, “It depends”. It depends on your budget, audience size, audience demographics, conversion history, market trends and a whole host of other factors.

Ideally, we want to survey your customers and ask them, how to they want to be reached, where do they like to be reached and when.  In our experience, it is not just a simple single digital strategy, but a blend of digital touch points that become an overall strategy and often they are in synch with the offline strategy too. We might want to call this a holistic view of reaching the clients.



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