Direct Response Solutions

For the purposes of this website and services offered, we might as well look at “solutions” more like “direct response packaged solutions”. Often time in complex sales or complex projects we think of a “custom solution” for the client. While this is 100% accurate, we at SpeechRep Media, Inc. have found that there are several solutions that we can customize for your business and come out with a custom solution with an existing framework that works for more than one client.

When we create customized direct response solutions we put as much of it as we can in the clients control. What we mean by this is giving the client ownership of the domains, even if they are on a third party site(s) like Blogger or Twitter. Too often we find ourselves cleaning up another developers or consultants work by having to beg, borrow and steal the clients work back that they already paid for. When we build SEO links we build permanent SEO links, not rented links. If you wanted to rent links you would use Google’s PPC, that is renting links in our world.

Why use SpeechRep Media, Inc.? We are general contractors. One stop shopping using highly skilled professionals in their various technical marketing fields. You can use our packaged solutions or use some or part of them. So, what are the direct response solutions we tend to sell the most? They tend to change or shift every quarter as the markets change, please call us to keep up to date.

Website Design and Development

1. Lead Generation WordPress, PHP, Joomla Websites
2. E-commerce Websites (Amazon Stores)
3. Social Media Sites Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Tumbler, Flickr
4. Install of Google Analytics and Social Media Tracking
5. Phone Tracking

Direct Response Search Engine Optimization

1. Content creation, direct response writing for web sites and social media
2. Site Architecture Design and Meta Tag Creation Optimization
3. Link Building and Link Bait
4. Full on tracking and reporting
5. Phone and Keyword Tracking

Professional Direct Response Film and Video Production

1. Acting, Voice Overs, On Location Shoots
2. Sound, Editing, Special Effects, Graphics, Animations, Portrait Photography
3. Short Documentary Films to :15 Youtube Pre-Roll Ads, Short Form and Long Form DRTV
4. Phone Tracking and Granular Video Tracking

Pay Per Click Advertising on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook

1. Large Campaigns ($10K/mos. +) and Small Campaigns ($500.00/mos +)
2. Campaign Research and Ad Creation
3. Negative Keyword Research
4. Google and Keymetrics Tracking on EVERYTHING, Web performance, Phone Calls Per Call, Website visits, Web Browsers, Geographic Location, User Path, Conversions and more.
5. Call Center Support and Training

Direct Response Mail or Direct Mail (This stuff still works really well).

1. List Rental and List Selection
2. Variable Data Postcards and Brochures
3. Personalized Landing Pages i.e.
4. Imaging, Fulfillment, Postage and Mailing

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