Why the name?

How did we come up with the name SpeechRep Media, Inc? In Jim Peake’s journey from the printing and direct mail marketing industry, to the Internet, to the web, to software and IVR or interactive voice response speech recognition solutions. Jim Peake joined a voice portal company that used speech recognition so that the user could call an 800# to ask for sports, traffic, news and other types of content.  We realized we could not monetize this type of an application with just straight advertising, there was no demand and it cost a ton of marketing money to get people to the 800#.

It was Jim’s job to bring in revenue, so in the early stages of the business we had to come up with some solutions pretty quickly or else we would be looking for a new line of work.  One of the applications we developed was voice registration for consumer products. This was kind of like filling out a product registration card for a washing machine using a telephone instead.  That application got legs and is still around today.

The other application we created was a call handling application that we called SpeechRep, which is sort of like a speech representative or a call agent representative.  We could capture data on things like: name, address, phone number and credit card information before we handed the call off to a live agent.   Shortening live agent calls times or automating call times was highly desirable.

(Keep in mind the distinction of speech recognition vs. voice recognition.  Speech recognition can recognize our voices and accents like in an airline reservation system for example.  Voice recognition recognizes one person’s individual voice, not many.  Voice recognition can easily be tuned to each individual.  Speech recognition on the other hand is much more complex and requires very deep pockets from a technology development standpoint).

SpeechRep as a product in Jim’s tenure in the speech recognition business never came to fruition, but he liked the name. It said what we did as a product and it was easy to say and spell…most of the time.  When Jim started a consulting business SpeechRep Consulting before SpeechRep Media, Inc., he did not know what to name the business or consulting company. He had the domain SpeechRep, which has been hanging around since 2001, so he picked that as a name for the consulting business, which has now morphed into a strategic management, marketing consulting and media buying agency.

So the underlying theme of SpeechRep Media Inc., is Direct Response Media or Direct Response Marketing with heavy emphasis on the Internet since the Internet offers a great platform for testing and tracking with lower costs than traditional media.



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