SEO is “media” just like TV and radio, however the placement is in a SERP or a search results page vs. a time slot.  A lot has been written about SEO and there are so many of us “so called experts” In SEO a lot more is written about how to develop great content than how to build great links, however you must have both and one does not live well without the other.  Start here at these few places and you are getting some of the best information in the industry:

#1) SEOBook
#2) How to Write Compelling Content that Ranks
#3) Search Engine Land
#4) Google a Guy Named Matt (just Google the first name only)

SEO is not black magic.  What Google wants is content and links, keep this in mind when you study these 4 websites.  You too can become an SEO expert as long as you actually apply what is said in the above sites to your own websites.  In my experience the best SEO’s are not selling SEO services, the best SEO’s actually own their own businesses and use SEO to increase revenue in their business from their own websites.  “We” get to keep more when we do it this way.

What I want to talk about is SEO mindset.  SEO requires commitment.  Kind of like long term investing.  Kind of like walking down the aisle, but the difference is when you walk down the aisle you are almost guaranteed you will “get lucky” on your wedding night or the night after we hope.  In SEO the partner (the “partner” is your search engine) is “frigid,” really frigid.”

When we (SpeechRep Media, Inc.) are engaged and start “doing SEO” for our clients they start writing monthly checks (media spend) to us for their SEO campaign.  When they write the first check they do not get “lucky.”  When they write the second check they do not get “lucky.”  (In a few instances we will “get lucky” and get some conversions provided that the site has had a head start from an optimization standpoint, meaning they already had a lot of indexed content.” This process continues for about 6 months before we start getting “lucky” every night or at least every week.

So what I am getting at is there is a financial commitment.  However, there is a payoff unlike almost any other form of marketing.  The ROI for SEO can be impressive for the amount of resources and time you put into your project.  Here’s the problem though, people and businesses want instant results as well as “what will be the payoff in terms of ROI after 6 months?”  The problem is I can’t answer that, and neither can anyone else.  I wish I could.  But I do know who can answer that, “the market” can answer that.

There are a lot of moving parts to this SEO game.  We can attract all kinds of website traffic but if the user does not “trust” the site they will not take the desired action.  Apply proper SEO to the market and we will deliver positive steady reports every month of your keyphrases moving towards the top of the SERP’s (search engine results pages).   While this is “nice” it is not good enough to just be on page 1.  We really must get to the top 3 results on page 1.  This takes time, money, skill, content and links. And, oh by the way we need to do it on dozens if not hundreds of keyphrases.

What businesses should use SEO?  Businesses that are making money from the Internet.  If your competition is raking it in on the Internet, so should you.  If you are currently selling products, services or generating leads online you too should “do SEO.”  If you are “doing PPC” which is Pay Per Click advertising, you probably should be doing SEO as well.

Here’s an example of why you should do SEO if you are doing PPC.  Let’s say you are selling air purifiers via PPC.  Things are going well, people are buying the units online and we are “renting space” on Google’s SERPS for the keyword “air purifier.”   Let’s say it costs us $5.00 for a click to our Air Purifier website.  What if we create an article on our website or better yet a video and put it up on Youtube.  What if these articles and videos are found?  What happens when someone clicks on them and comes to our air purifier web site?  We stand a chance to make a sale.  The difference is we now no longer have to pay Google for that click on the article or Youtube video.  That article or video live forever on the internet always with the potential to attract a new client.

The catch is you still have to pay your SEO team to continue to write content and do link building for you.  If you stop writing content and link building, your rankings do and will fall downward.  The name of this game is to get into it when you are flush with cash or have access to cash.  Waiting until you are on the ropes and are deep in debt is a huge mistake unless you have partners who are willing to support you in other ways other than SEO.

Here’s the problem with our business.  Like I said at the top of the article if you study those 4 websites and apply the principles you can call yourself an SEO expert too.  The problem is many have.  And some of those who have have left the customers hung out to dry.  This makes it an even harder challenge when the client knows and wants SEO but then does not have “trust” in their new partner.   So relax, take a deep breath and give us a call at 941-787-3082 and we will “teach” you the SEO business in small easy to digest chunks.  Because if you at least understand SEO you will be able to feel much more comfortable with whom you are working with.  Does it take some time to educate you?  Yes.  Does it take time for us to learn your business?  Yes.  We are fast learners though.  We are able to shorten the time it takes to learn because we know you have a business to run and so do we.  We are all for being as efficient as possible!



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