Since 1994 Jim Peake of SpeechRep Media, Inc. has been engaged in website design and development.  Jim sold website design and development to large companies including, IBM, AOL, Prudential Securities, Jones New York – Ninewest and Oppenheimer Funds just to name a few.  Many of these projects were the flagship websites for their brands.

This website experience was early in the DOT COM heyday, we were one of the first website design companies or interactive advertising agencies to go public in NASDAQ.   What I learned was it was very difficult communicating and educating at the same time.  The learning curve was much steeper back then and we all knew a lot less than we do now and so did the clients.  One of the challenges was and still is thinking a little differently about web design vs. print design.

The web offers a lot of functionality, or in more simple terms there are a lot more options and website design incorporates databases, videos, fulfillment, finance, legal and so many other parts of a business and different skill sets are needed as well.  The check list gets longer and longer, and oh by the way what good is a website if it has no visitors?  So now the web designers and website publishers have to start thinking about SEO.  SEO has to be a priority in building websites since it offers such a high ROI.

I think you are getting the picture, there is a lot to this website design business but if you know what you are doing it can be a breeze with tools like WordPress and Joomla which are software frameworks for publishing on the Web.  The key is to hire the right folks who understand the web and will be able to use as many tools that make sense to make the project go faster and easier and save money for the client.

SpeechRep Media, Inc. has a stable of high end and production grade web site designers and graphics professionals that we utilize for different projects.  In website design like any other business you get what you pay for.  Depending on your budget we do our best to get the best value for your dollar.  We have people who love what they do and are passionate about their work and it shows in the end results.

One of the things I look for is open source and people who use open source tools because in the long run it makes it easier because if a team or a person needs to be replaced there is always a deep bench from which to put in a new player, and without paying a fortune as well.  The price of website design and production has come down significantly.  Back in the DOT COM days we were selling $500,000 + projects.  Today we can produce websites from $250 – $150,000 on the very high end.  Today many website design projects can go from $500 – $5,000  and be produced in a week to 6 weeks.  A lot depends on how fast we can get copy and images from our clients.  Call us at 781-990-8844 and we’ll give you a price over the phone instantly.

Where the big dollars are flowing today is on website traffic.  Driving traffic to your site has to be the biggest priority if you want clicks, leads and conversions and ultimately money in the bank.  So budgeting for website design is one thing but we also have to budget for getting traffic to the website.