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How Addiction Marketing Fills Beds:

In-house resources are today's last resort for marketing. If you're still using an email campaign or are asking employees to market your services, chances are, you're wasting valuable advertising dollars. American in Rehab has the solution to the most common obstacles in advertising. We invite you to spend a few minutes on our website to see why more recovery centers trust us for their addiction marketing.

We deliver results- if you have vacant beds, we can help. Effective lead generation ensures you're reaching the right people in the right places. If your facility is like most others, your website is most likely the first point of contact for prospective patients. Our experts can show you how to create a website or tweak your existing site to ensure easy navigation, manage fresh content, design an appealing look, implement SEO and PPC, and more- all while staying within your addiction marketing budget. You can sign up right now to receive our free 14-page white paper on leveraging your website to fill treatment beds.

One thing we can tell you without even looking at your site is that a good design is not enough. It takes proven marketing strategies to get noticed by today's consumer, and that means adding original, engaging content designed to speak directly to the heart of your online visitors. They need a call to action as well, to urge them to take that all-important step and reach out to your facility. We're on the cutting-edge of new marketing techniques and technology to ensure an exceptional experience when visitors land on your home page.

Your website may be the first place prospective patients find you but it shouldn't be the only place they can gather information about your services. A seamless transition from your social platform and blog back to your website is essential in reaching today's mobile consumer. We'll make sure you are using all available resources available to you in order to reach the global and local markets.

Effective tracking is a must when it comes to discovering where your advertising dollars are working hardest. We'll create a system to help you track calls and campaigns to let you know where clients are calling from, which days and times you're receiving the most calls, which calls are coming from which marketing campaigns, and whether you're closing enough incoming calls. Knowing where your marketing budget is making you money is key in a successful addiction marketing campaign.

Give us a call at 888-405-0051 for assistance setting up tracking and Google Analytics and Results. America in Rehab can fill your beds the right way, at a very affordable price point. It starts with a consultation with our team of marketing pros to assess your needs. Knowing where addicts and their families search for drug treatment facilities is crucial to making certain they're able to find you in their search.

Addiction Marketing

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Addiction Marketing Addiction Marketing Addiction Marketing
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