In learning the recent figures published by CTIA 255 million users or about 84 percent of the USA population are using cell phones.  This is a staggering number and demonstrates the shift from wireline to wireless.  I recently spoke with wireless industry consultant Rick Thomas and he said that the Wireless divisions of the telco’s now drive the bus.  This trend further illustrates the we are in a "networked economy." 

Where this will get really interesting is when companies like Equals are combining the power of Social Media and Wireless Technology to leverage mobile advertising opportunities.  Equals has created a "Party Line" where users can configure the application on Facebook and can create a party line making one phone call on a mobile phone and it will ring 5 friends at the same time.  For example, if co-workers want to go out for a drink after work they can dial one phone number and have 5 people on the line at the same time.  This is taking social media to the next networked level.

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