Social media is a 2 way communication. In 2 way communication there is feedback, positive and NEGATIVE. If you are a business and you aren’t doing customer service well the customers are going to let you know it. If you as a business are going to start “listening” to those clients be prepared to take some shots, social media people do not hold back, they will tell you what is on their mind as they did in the Motrin case. How well you do with the response is how well you are able to roll with it, acknowledge it, listen to it and then make it right especially if you still want to keep that customer and don’t want them spreading your weaknesses. Good news travels fast, bad news travels faster, just be ready to be offended.

Please share any times you were “offended” and how you responded to it. It usually is never as bad as it first seems.

On the flipside here is a link on what NOT to do in social media. I really liked how these guys put together some great examples.

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