How Facebook For Business WorksAt the Boston Podcamp this past weekend I found one slide to be better than all of them. It was by Matt Peters of Pandemic Labs. With the recent news of how Facebook is updating their platform with Timeline the data is starting to shake out and is by no means complete.

The best information I got is the following: (See Slide)

How Facebook Really Works 2011

Good info to get seen in Facebook it is all about news feed. Concentrate on the newsfeed more than anything else. Fan page tabs are a wasted effort.
Yup it makes sense Facebook faces similar problems as Google. Too much info junk. Facebook comments trump “Facebook likes” by a lot from what I hear.
If you look up in the upper right corner of the photo Edgerank is to Facebook what PageRank is to Google They also said that personal pages carry a lot more weight than business pages in terms of being shown in the feeds. Average posts only show up in 3-7% of your fan/friend base in almost all cases. And in most cases is is in around the 3% range and less.

Facebook is challenged with the overflow of information as we all are. Their new platform is designed to curate a lot of that content just like Google has done with 2011 Panda. What do you think? If you have any other Facebook marketing tips please do share them.

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