Compliance Services in Massachusetts for BusinessesA couple of months ago I got this letter telling me I needed to fill out my corporate minutes and send them in to Compliance Services. Who? Yes Compliance Services looked like they were representing themselves as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. So what did I do? I sent in the form and the required $120. Luckily my CPA saw the transaction in my online Quickbooks account and flagged it for me. There was still enough time to stop payment on the check for $120, which I did fortunately. He said that they were nothing but a scam.

Getting this latest postcard in the mail today verifies that he was right and now the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is doing something about it. But probably not enough. They said it was our choice to do business with them. Which means to me that what they are still doing is perfectly legal.

At the same time you can find many dissatisfied people with Compliance Services just type their name (Compliance Services Scam) in to Google.

compliance services scam

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