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Direct Response Marketing Company – Leveraging the SEO in Direct Response

It seems today that almost all advertising is migrating towards direct response. The reason why is that if you hire a direct response marketing company your chances of success are higher on measuring your ROI because they track everything. In the DRTV world we call this MER or media efficiency ratio. If we spend $1,000 in DRTV media advertisements and we generate enough phone calls that generate $10,000 in revenue we call this a 10:1 MER. It is simply another way to measure ROI.

The power of measuring MER is significant because if we can generate a 10:1 MER in New York chances are we can also generate a 10:1 MER in Los Angeles provided we are not selling snow shovels. When evaluating a direct response marketing company make sure that they are “eating their own dog food.” What I mean by this is if they specialize in DRTV media production do they rank online for DRTV media production as a keyphrase on Google? Are they using direct response advertising in other spaces like direct mail and search engine optimization to market their own businesses?

The reason why this is important is because your clients will find it important. For example, if you hire a direct response marketing company to produce a DRTV Ad to sell blue suede shoes the user might see the ad on TV. They do not take action on the TV Ad but they watch the Grammy’s and see an actor with blue suede shoes and want to find the company that made the blue suede shoes. Chances are they will go to Google or some other search engine to find the company that was advertising the blue suede shoes.

In the world of SEO and blue suede shoes you want to make sure that you rank for blue suede shoes on the first page on Google, preferable in the first 3 positions if you are going to be running a large DRTV Media Buy. The first 3 organic search results are where 80% of the clicks happen, above the fold. So while you are spending a decent amount of your budget on TV you want to tighten the fishing net so that you capture the residual demand after the ads have aired when people are searching on the internet for blue suede shoes.

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I like to use the term direct response SEO because I don’t believe many companies are doing it all or if they are they aren’t doing it well. For example, in the creation of a really good DRTV Ad for blue suede shoes you are going to have to capture the interest of the viewer in the first 7 seconds or else you have lost them. On a Google search results page it is even less than 7 seconds that you have to capture their attention. So how do we capture their attention in a few quick seconds? We use direct response principles in creating our meta tags. The mea tags will show up on the Google search results pages and are the links that the users click on.

In this example we want to rank for “blue suede shoes.” The title tag in the web page needs to be something like this if you want to get the user to click and see your blue suede shoes web page:

Blue Suede Shoes – Mick Jagger dancing in blue suede shoes

We have the keyword we want to rank for in the first three words [blue suede shoes] in the title along with an interesting visual for the user to take action on [Mick Jagger dancing in blue suede shoes]. If you want to see what Mick Jagger looks like in blue suede shoes YOU HAVE TO CLICK ON THE LINK!

Next is the description tag:

This is where Google shows you a little more of a description or a snippet of what the web page is about before you click on the link. So you want to entice the user even more by telling him something in the description for example:

“Order the same blue suede shoes at 40% off that Mick Jagger has as he lights up the stage in the Rolling Stones Jumping Jack Flash Tour at Madison Square Garden.”

What is happening here in the description is we are telling the user they too can have (ORDER) the same blue suede shows as Mick Jagger and at a 40% discount. This direct response technique will get you a higher click through rate then if you just have some generic copy in the description.

This direct response SEO marketing technique is often used in PPC or pay per click advertising however you have even less room for which to work with as far as writing titles and descriptions. So providing direct response SEO solutions with a DRTV Advertising campaign can add a significant difference to your bottom line.

While this whole direct response advertising business is a moving target experienced professionals can help set expectations and guide you through the process. If you want some ideas or want to learn more about what is direct response marketing call Jim Peake at SpeechRep Media, Inc. at 941-787-3082.


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