Have you ever wondered if keeping track of all of the User ID’s and passwords was something that would get any easier?  But who would take on this type of a digital identity project?  They would have to already be a large player in the online space for one.  In the offline world, did you ever think when your purchase a beer in a store that you really need to give the store owner your actual birthdate and mailing address?  All they really need to know is "am I of age to purchase acoholic beverages."  Wouldn’t it be nice to just give them an ID of =jim instead of a lot of personal information?

Digital Identity has been brewing for a while now and we are starting to see some significant development in the space  I was fortunate enough to have both of Microsoft’s Mike Jones and Kim Cameron on the same Interview and for me it rolled well with both of their participation.  Both were open, friendly and very helpful in educating the audience on the nuances of digital identity and where the space is going.

I think that this space will get a ton of visibility in the near and long term future.  Weather you know it or not your digital identity is an important part of your daily experience in doing business, especially online.

As networks grow so does the complexity of information and how it is stored and used. This is a Pandora’s Box of sorts and it can be time consuming especially if one’s identity is compromised. In this podcast we cover digital identity from two of the seminal leaders in the digital identity space. Kim Cameron and Mike Jones will fill you in on the landscape and where the digital identity industry is heading.

One thing for sure is that their work at Microsoft will probably touch each and every one of us in some way shape or form. We cover Kim’s 7 Laws of Identity which were endorsed by Bill Gates and Senior Management at Microsoft and widely accepted by digital identity leaders

1. User Control and Consent

2. Minimal Disclosure for a Constrained Use

3. Justifiable Parties

4. Directed Identity

5. Pluralism of Operators and Technologies

6. Human Integration

7. Consistent Experience Across Contexts

I did ask them about Bill Gates retirement and maybe Bill is starting a lucrative home based business?  Not to worry,  Bill isn’t going to far.

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