Organic Search Engine OptimizationOne of the best ways to rank for results is to add high quality relevant content to our websites. It is often we are writing blog posts like this and adding articles with keywords associated with the things we want to rank for. But one of my favorite ways to rank for key terms is to use photography and video’s. And the good news is you don’t have to be a professional these days to add this type of high quality content. However, here at SpeechRep Media we are lucky to have access to a highly talented photographer and image editor/video guy (John Hubbard) who can do it all.

Once the photo is tagged properly with the proper image tag it can sometimes find it’s way to the top of Google in the Web search results as well as the image search results pages. While this is helpful it is probably not going to convert into revenue however if you create a bunch of images that are similar in nature and have different but similar tags you might find a body of traffic that will be relevant to your niche.

At the same time video will do the same for you. Just the other day I created a simple sunrise in Marblehead video overlooking the ocean and it now ranks just a few days later for sunrise in Marblehead with a video thumbnail.

While there isn’t a huge amount of people searching on this keyphrase the point here is that is a very short time you/we/me can all rank for some keyphrases that we want some traffic on. And to make it one step better we have a compelling video to send the right message to our audience that can sometimes seal the deal. And to help matter even more for both photos and videos we can spread them around the social media camp fires and get some legs there as well. I hope you enjoy watching your sunrise in your organic search results.

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