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When TV came along people in radio thought that they were doomed. Now when the Internet came along the argument could be how can people fit more screen time in with the Internet when already 4 hours per day were consumed by television? (We already watch an average of four hours per day of television or 9 years over a life time at 65 years old according to A.C. Neilson). The Internet brings a whole new dynamic in media to the table because of its ability to connect the offline world to the online world. The Internet is so dynamic that it has changed the game of advertising. Advertising has become a lot more segmented and dynamic.
Different Skill Sets Required

Traditional advertising agencies are similar to the Internet Advertising Agency in that agencies are known for their “creative.” Creative concepts and creative advertising copy sells. What is uniquely different about the two different business models are the “output” of the creative and the distribution of the creative. Some of the traditional ad guys embraced the new Internet media and others shunned it. In the print world file sizes were enormous and for the web file sizes are exponentially smaller.

Understanding the technical ramifications for something as simple as preparing a file for a four color sheet fed press versus a blog can get daunting. However today there are tools that make a lot of these processes easier for the designers. Many designers have become quite adept at delivering creative for the web and other electronic formats.

AdvertisingAdvertisers are Demanding Digital Solutions

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you want to sell some product you better go to where the people are and the people are going online in droves. Not only are they going online they are also mobile and have their faces buried in their web browsers on their phones as well as their computers. Because of this dynamic of not only delivery on the computer platforms in multiple different operating systems as well as browsers the users have now gone mobile!

Android activations have approached 1 million activations per day! This creates a whole new problem for the “Internet Advertising Agency” because with this type of adoption happening so quickly the agencies need to keep up with the users and it is not easy.

Android Activation's Per Day

Every Business Now Has a Channel – A Web Channel

Nce the advent of the Internet every business now has their own channel. You can dial up their channel by going to their Domain Name Server, mine is http://speechrep.com. Many businesses have more than one channel or one domains. What is the advantage of having our own channels? We can publish whatever we want and deliver the messages we want our viewers to see versus the media or some other 3rd party.

So now that each and every business can have their own website channel it would make sense for every business to exploit their channel(s) as much as possible. Doing this yourself as a business can be time consuming and expensive. So what needs to be discussed is the Internet a place that makes sense to invest in? Chances are some sort of an Internet presence might be valuable for most businesses but not all. If the Internet is valuable then the business either needs to hire internal resources or external resources (i.e. Internet Advertising Agency) to help manage the projects.

In some cases you may want to hire resources internally and hire an internet advertising agency. Or in other cases you may just want to hire a few freelancers to provide you with web design and graphics as well as hire some writers to fill in the gaps for your website and marketing materials. In any case it may just make sense to hire an Internet Website Consultant to discuss a possible strategy before you make some decisions that you will have to live with for some time to come.

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