Friday Funny For GeeksIt is always fun comparing notes with other webmasters and seo’s as I have done with Vera. Every now and again someone (RoughMagic) will share some “good stuff,” and I think this is pretty good. If you are in the Internet marketing game as am I we are constantly getting an education and a re-education from the search engines especially from Google. What is really interesting about this search is it appears that Google and Bings’ search results are identical.

But that is not the real kicker. The real kicker is that their update(s) seemed to screw their own company results as well. How can this happen? Easily. This stuff is complicated and you can bet there are engineers working their arses off trying to figure this out. I know some clients had similar things happen as well. So take a deep breath, grab a glass of water and find some other revenue generating sources because once the music stops you better make sure you still have a chair to sit in. 🙂

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