Hotel Reception DeskI don’t usually travel often but when I do travel I’ve had some really good experiences in the Hilton Garden Inn. I would consider myself a business traveler. I lug a laptop. I want a clean room, good food and the ability to connect to a wireless network and a workspace in the room with a phone, desk and good light and a good quality chair is an added bonus.

In my 2 stays at the Hilton Garden Inn I saw 2 different promotion cards telling me that I could go to a special link and purchase the chair I was using for the couple of nights while I stayed at the HGI. I clicked on the link and guess what I got a surprise. See the surprise in the video below. I think this marketing campaign was absolutely brilliant! I think the execution was extremely poor. But hey maybe it wasn’t and they are selling Mirra Chairs by the thousands! I just know I will not buy one from this link and I wanted to.

I always try and put myself in the customers shoes when I help clients create their marketing campaigns. If you want me to give my 2 cents on your marketing campaign feel free to click the button below or call me at 941-787-3082.


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